Please tell me more about that dead celeb you’re sad about

I just started to attempt to do “real” work this morning (aka paying work) when I received a message on Facebook from my dear friend Kristin.

“Will you please write a blog post about dead celebrities?”

Much like the DJ at your middle school dances, I do take requests, so I was happy to ignore my work and appease the one person who reads my blog.

Let’s be clear about one thing: there’s no one who loves celebrities and Hollywood more than I do. If there’s anyone who should be melting down every time a famous person dies, it’s me.

That being said, we have indeed lost quite a few big name celebs this year. Yes, it’s a bummer. However, the way I reacted to each death was basically the same for every person who kicked the bucket:

  1. I was told or read that a famous person died.
  2. I was initially shocked.
  3. I said, “Hey, Andy! So-and-so died!”
  4. He said, “Really? Whoa, how?”
  5. I told him how he or she died.
  6. I read a couple more stories about the death over the coming days to see if they’d give any juicy details about last words/meals/conversations because I love getting the full picture of a death (any death).
  7. I go on with my life.

Do you see what’s missing in that list?

I don’t post about it on social media.* 

Why not? Because I know you don’t really care about my feelings that much. And honestly, I’m not about pretending I was some kind of super fan. I do have a deep attachment to many celebrities, but I’m not big on posting tributes** to people who don’t even know I exist. I’m going to keep Dr. Jason Seaver in my heart always, but a digital memorial to him on Facebook is out of the question for me.

Now, that I think of it, I lied–I’ve made one contribution to the social media community in the wake of a famous person’s death:


Remember that time all of you were scholars and cared so much about Maya Angelou? Good times.

Also, no more posts about saving Betty White from 2016. You’re not being clever and Betty White made it this far without your help.



*am going to post on social media when Britney Spears dies, so I am warning you and apologizing in advance. That is the only celebrity death that will rock my world to the point that I feel the need to publicly share my feelings.

** Please post a tribute to me on your Facebook when I die because there’s a good chance it will give me so much life that my heart will start beating again.