The Day I Met David Sedaris

Jillian and I went to go see David Sedaris read/speak/talk last night. Of course, we had to wait in line after the show so he could autograph our books, because those are the types of things nerds put on their bucket lists.

In line, we were sandwiched between a very “Newport” couple who hated us so much (yes, jerks, we saw your butthole faces smirking every time we laughed too loud or told bad jokes) and two amazing 50-something women who had clearly sipped their dinners through straws (and yelled hilarious things at the mean couple in front of us when they spent far too long talking to David about their shitty lives).

When I finally got my few brief moments in front of the man himself, I took the opportunity to give him my blog address. I thought I had grown to have some shame in my old age, but apparently I was mistaken.

“So, what do you write about in your blog?” the best author to ever live asked me.

“Um, stuff about my life…you know how it is,” I replied.

He smirked and continued to sign my book. Then he told us some story about chicken, but I kind of zoned out because I figured I had made it that far without embarrassing myself too much and should probably stop talking.

David Sedaris autograph

Also, things I Googled to write this post:

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