The most expensive crackers in the world

My in-laws had a nice little BBQ last night. Good, basic food, small group, nothing major, but still fun. When it was over, they were nice enough to send home some leftovers with us. The leftovers included a few spreadable cheeses and crackers that Andy’s dad had gone a little crazy buying (he was set free in the supermarket by himself and came home with $75 worth of cheese and crackers. He’s a dude after my own heart.).

When I got home, I pulled out the container of crackers and was amazed when I saw the price tag on them:

Seriously! $8.99 for a box of crackers. Like not a big sandwich or ground coffee or something I’ve spent $8.99 on before…crackers. The word crackers just implies $3.99 or less. Well, for me, at least.

These are what $8.99 crackers look like, in case you were wondering. Yes, they were quite delicious. Definitely above average in the cracker department. However, there are so many other things I would spend $8.99 on. For example, 3 half gallons of ice cream (on sale, of course). Or an entire month of Netflix, with $1.00 left over to buy a candy bar. Or, approximately 3 1/2 gallons of gas. Basically anything except crackers.

That being said, I’m definitely going to eat the crackers. All of them. I will imagine that I am a rich housewife breaking her personal “no carb rule” and I will say “mmmmm” after bite. And when my husband gets home from work I will put them in my secret snack hiding place and smile just thinking about the carb-filled contraband that brought me so much happiness for a mere $8.99.

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