Crowdsourcing My Life

I was a freelance writer for 2 years, went to work at an ad agency for the last 9 months, and then decided to go back to freelancing. I missed being the boss of myself. This has been my first week full time freelancing again and I’m definitely happy with my decision.

One big reason I chose to live the freelance lifestyle again is because I wanted more time to write the funny things I want to write, that I’ve been meaning to write for a long time (but haven’t because I’m great at making excuses). Now that I’m in charge of my work schedule, I want to choose one main personal project to work on and incorporate into my daily life.

There’s a problem, though. I’m really bad at making decisions. Like, awful.

So, like a true millennial, I am crowdsourcing my next move. I want you to choose what type of project I am going to tackle first. That way, if I fail, I can blame you for choosing the wrong thing. It makes PERFECT sense!

Here’s the link to my stunning single-question survey:

My life is in your hands. 


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