mArY*s ZoNe Is 1 Year Old!


I don’t want to scare you guys, but I think we might be getting pretty close to the apocalypse. Why? Because I have managed to keep up with a blog for an entire year.

This may not seem like a big deal to people who know how to stick with things, but I’ve left a LONG trail of sad blog carcasses across the Internet. Yes, there was a chunk of time in the middle of the year where I wasn’t writing because I got wrapped up in my new job, BUT I managed to kick my own ass and make myself start blogging again. I consider this a major win.

In celebration of mArY*s ZoNe’s 1st birthday, I combed my site’s analytics and figured out the top 5 blog posts from the past year. These are the blog posts that got the most views from June 10, 2014 until today.

#5. My Husband Hates Me and Is Trying to Starve Me to Death – That time Andy refused to feed me and I almost died.

#4. Texts I Get While I’m Asleep – That time my friend’s kids were creepy as hell.

#3. Fatdance – That time I kept it real about my sweet dance moves and you realized you were ready for this jelly.

#2. Why I Don’t Regret My Ridiculous Tattoo – That time you found out what that Chinese symbol near my butt crack really means.

#1. The Day I Was Emma Stone’s Co-Worker – That time I wrote about being an extra in a Woody Allen movie and then the Providence Journal quoted me in an article about it and then the casting agency called me and yelled at me for writing a blog about it. Also, that time I wasn’t allowed to wear a pink shirt…but everyone else was. Also, that time I wore a wool blazer in July and my back was like a Slip and Slide.

Thank you all for actually reading my crap and I hope you will continue to stick with me (and SHARE! SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS! NEED MORE READERS!) for at least another year (don’t worry, you don’t have to sign a contract or anything. Just give me your 1st born or something and we’re cool).

3 thoughts on “mArY*s ZoNe Is 1 Year Old!

    • Hahaha oh yes. Asked me not to talk to the press and said that type of stuff is frowned upon. She never asked me to take down my blog, though! (Which I wouldn’t have done anyway because hell no.)

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