#TBT: A Year Ago Today

I love Facebook’s nifty “On This Day” feature that lets you see what you posted on this day every year since you joined FB. Well, since Facebook invented status updates in like 2008 or 2009 or something (I’m a Facebook OG—October 10, 2004, BIOTCH!). When I looked today, I learned that this what was I was doing 1 year ago:

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 8.23.56 AM

On the sad side, we were in Newport Beach, CA for Andy’s grandma’s funeral. On the not sad side, we were in Newport Beach, CA. It was the most beautiful day of all time. Luckily, I am basically doing the same thing RIGHT NOW:


JK!!! This is what working from home looks like. Pictured: Live dog neck rest, coffee mug I got for free at a job I hated 5 years ago, and a notebook I use to keep track of work tasks that I spilled a Jim Beam and Diet Coke on.

Yo, I need more coffee like…now.


PS: I’m going on vacation to California in just about 3 weeks.

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