The Mary and Kenny Show

I got bored during a Walking Dead commercial break last night, so I started taking pictures with my handsome furry child, Kenny. He was sleeping, but he was totes cool with it. 

Kyle: “Mary, are you taking pictures with Kenny??”

Mary: “Obviously.”

Kyle: “Take a picture of me and dad!”

Mary: “No, thank you.”

Kyle: “Come on, take our picture!”

Mary: “Happy?”

Kyle: “We look gross!”

Kyle: “When you die, there’s going to be a slideshow of pictures at your funeral and your family won’t be in any of those pictures. It’s just going to be you and Kenny, isn’t it?”

Mary: “Yup! FYI if I die, go in the Photo Booth on my Mac because there are like 250 pictures of just me and Kenny through the years. They’re really great.”

Kyle: “Oh my God, what is wrong with you?”

Kenny woke up and was like “WTF IS HAPPENING TO ME?!”

Kenny: “Oh, my crazy mom is just taking pictures with me again. I’m going to open my eyes for a picture so she’s satisfied and leaves me alone.”

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