WANTED: Invite to Woody Allen’s “Irrational Man” Premiere

I know. I haven’t called. I haven’t taken trollies. And I certainly haven’t written.


I got a grown up job and I’ve been doing very adult things like getting excited about soup specials in the corporate cafeteria and begging IT for a new computer charger so I can work remotely during snow storms. These things are essential and are why mArY*s ZoNe has kind of taken a back seat.

What brought me back? Because there was big news about my feature film debut! The Woody Allen film I was an extra in this summer finally has a name: “Irrational Man”

The film is going to be distributed by Sony Pictures Classics and while there isn’t a release date yet*, I’m guessing the premiere will be this summer if it follows the release pattern from previous Allen movies. Which leads me to a very important question…

Who do I need to bake cookies for to get a ticket to this premiere? I did some very important work as an extra including walking, pretending to talk about things, drinking fake alcoholic beverages, and not freaking out in the presence of Emma Stone (well, I didn’t freak out on the outside).

Anyone at Sony Pictures Classics want to make the life of one of the most exceptional extras to ever grace the silver screen? I didn’t want to have to play this card, but if it means I can get a seat at this premiere, I’ll do whatever I need to: Emma Stone and I are basically best friends. We closed-mouth smiled at each other. I know, it’s a pretty big deal.

Are you my fairy godmother from Hollywood? E-MAIL ME! marymack98@gmail.com 

*UPDATE: The premiere has a date! “Irrational Man” is officially premiering at the Cannes Film Festival (oh la la!), but the U.S. release is scheduled for July 17, 2015.

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