Trollie Tuesday

I did the unthinkable last week: I forgot Trollie Tuesday. Actually, I didn’t really forget Trollie Tuesday…I just got lazy. Really, really lazy. Don’t worry, though; the universe paid me back nicely the very next day. Last Wednesday, some “BuzzFeed Contributor” named Kayla Yandoli published an article called “Send Us Your Ugly Troll Face and We’ll Illustrate It.” The article did not completely copy trollies because while a true trollie is taken in the dark with a bright flash, Kayla’s version is just ugly selfies that an artist then illustrated. I was more taken aback by the “troll” wording and her little sub-heading “Time to get trolly!” I’d link to the article so y’all can see it, but I’d prefer not to give it more Internet traffic than it has already received. I’m bitter like that.

In honor of the hate I feel, I took a special trollie just for BuzzFeed:

Middle finger trollie

I like to think that my diamond ring offsets my messed up hair and eyebrows. Not even the most beautiful of diamonds, however, can offset what is happening with my face.

ANYWAY. On to the REAL Trollie Tuesday!


Being a good parent is…putting your child in a dark room, flashing a bright light in their face, and then submitting their picture to a D-list blog for all the world to see. I love it.

Meet Jack, the most adorable 1 year old I know…even when he’s got mad trollie face going on.

Want to be featured in an upcoming Trollie Tuesday? Send your best trollie to me at

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