Trollie Tuesday

Thank goodness for Trollie Tuesday because I’m clearly awful at posting during the rest of the week. How do people with blogs post all the time? Do they really have that much to say? Maybe one day I will make a content calendar for this bad boy…until then, Trollie Tuesday is my saving grace. It also gives me something to do today while I stay FAR away from Facebook while the masses mourn Robin Williams. It’s not as intolerable as when Maya Angelou died, but I think I will go into hiding anyway. Before I tell you about today’s trollie, I have to throw in a disclaimer: it is not technically a “real” trollie. A true trollie is taken in the dark and you’re supposed to use your flash and make an awful face. This trollie meets 2 out of 3 of the requirements because it is in the dark and she definitely made an awful face. There is a really bright street light behind her though, so I am going to pretend it is a flash and we are all going to deal with it. ANYWAY. This is Sue Ellen. I was so happy to get a trollie from her because she is the queen of regular selfies and her hair and makeup are always on point. Just standing next to her makes me feel like a troll. Sue Ellen CollageSee what I mean? So when I had an e-mail filled with hideous pictures of her, I was so excited. The only thing better than ugly people being ugly is pretty people being ugly. Sue Ellen TrollieOkay, good looking people: the flood gates have been opened. Sue Ellen is a trailblazer and she is now making it acceptable for you to look ugly on the Internet. Come on, you can do it…anyone can take a selfie, but only awesome people take trollies. Send YOUR best trollies to  

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