Trollie Tuesday

Oh man, I almost forgot it was Trollie Tuesday. ALMOST. I’ve got over 8 hours left in this day, so don’t even hate right now.

Megan Trollie 072914Everyone say hi to Megan! I love this trollie because I think it is an artistic masterpiece that depicts what motherhood is really like. All these mommies take selfies with their kids and they’re all like “Hi, I like to pretend we live in a J.Crew catalogue,” but we all know the truth…and the truth is this trollie. Sometimes you get bitch slapped by a small child in the dark, and that’s just life right there.

Want to be featured in a future Trollie Tuesday? Send your fugliest trollies to and make me cringe. No clue what I’m even talking about? #1. You are not even a dedicated fan of this blog and #2. Read the explanation I posted on the first Trollie Tuesday that you obviously missed because you’re so important.

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