Trollie Tuesday

Let’s address the elephant in the room first: I haven’t written in a week. I have been very busy having deep conversations with my dog and reading about the Malaysia Airlines plane crash. I promise I will make a real life post at some point this week because I know I can’t keep riding the coat tails of my Emma Stone article.

Okay, on to this week’s Trollie Tuesday. WOOHOO!!! I experimented with editing the photo layout a little bit and I’m really proud of myself. I can now say my graphic design skills extend beyond MS Paint. Get ready to have your mind blown:

Jessica Trollie - 072214So boss, right? Anyway, Jessica is a new mom and she took this really gangster trollie right after she got done breast feeding. Look, you can even see a little bit of her boobie. (I might need to start charging money to see these trollies because this is the second week someone has sent a picture in without a shirt completely covering their lady parts). She hit the whole trollie look right on the head, but I am also enjoying her tiny baby that slept through the entire thing and also looks like he is possibly not real.

3 thoughts on “Trollie Tuesday

  1. Just wondering who the other kids in your header are, if you still know them, and if they know they’re now famous?

    P.S. What a cute baby.

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