Trollie Tuesday

I got my first few trollie submissions from you guys this week and boy, they were truly excellent. Doesn’t it feel good to lay in the dark, turn the flash on your camera, make an ugly face and blind yourself? It’s a very freeing exercise…I think everyone should do it at least once (and then send me the picture so I can post it here).

I had a hard time deciding which trollie to post today, so I just went back to basics and chose the one I got first. So diplomatic. Don’t worry, I will be posting the others over the next few weeks (but definitely keep sending your trollies to me for future weeks!

Say hi to Becky, everyone! Becky took my first paparazzi picture, so she wins at life, as evidenced by this trollie. Also, bonus points because I’m pretty sure she’s naked in this photo.

BK Trollie 071514

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