My Best Friends Live in the TV

tdy-hdr-talent2When it comes down to film and television, I’ve always been way more of a TV girl. I like to get intimately involved in people’s lives (this is also known as being nosy in some circles), and watching TV allows me to create fictional friendships with people I will probably never meet.

The cast of Gossip Girl was my crew for a while, especially after I saw the finale and then binge-watched the entire series over again on Netflix to see if they dropped any hints as to Gossip Girl’s identity. However, when my serious Blake Lively hair envy started to subside, I realized I needed some new friends. Maybe even friends that were real people and not made up characters on a teen drama. Maybe.

Working from home for two years now, morning television has become my most favorite thing ever. More specifically, NBC’s TODAY Show. The TODAY Show anchors have become my total BFFs and I can’t wait to hang out with them every morning. What amazes me the most is that I don’t even hate any of them. Usually when a show has so many personalities, you are bound to hate one – even just a little – but I legitimately like them all.

My biggest fear in life is that I will accidentally do something really messed up and I will have to go on the TODAY Show to defend my actions. And then Matt Lauer will grill me and I will cry and all the anchors will look at me, like “Yo, that chick is crazy. She would never be friends with us.” And I’d be like “GUYS! IT’S ME! MARY! PLEASE!”

Oh, the horror.

Do you love the TODAY Show, too? Tell me all about it so I don’t feel so weird! And then forget about it because they were my friends first and you can’t have them, ok?


[Photo Credit: The TODAY Show website]

3 thoughts on “My Best Friends Live in the TV

  1. My BFFs during maternity leave were Ellen and Kelly Ripa. I didn’t know how to live life without them when I went back to work. So now I DVR them. And Michael Strahan is one of my #mcms

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