I Need a Sex and the City Intervention



Okay, I need to get real with my peeps out there in cyber space who work from home.

I do a decent job in the morning of getting upstairs by 9am to do work, and then around 12:30, I come downstairs for my lunch and to watch some TV. I almost always turn on E! News, which at 1:00, becomes episodes of Sex and the City. This is where the trouble begins. As soon as I hear that catchy little theme song that doesn’t even have any words, I’m done for. I can sit there for hours and watch these women talk about grey pubes and impotent husbands.

And the worst part? I DON’T EVEN LIKE ANY OF THEM.

These aren’t the girlfriends I wish I had. They’re the women I want to strangle. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda all have so many issues that I feel like they’d all be better off chopping their own heads off with dull butter knives. Seriously, Miranda scored a date with this hot cop who for some insane reason, felt her Chucky doll-like appeal was attractive. At dinner, she realized all the other women in the restaurant were looking at his hotness and instead of feeling awesome about herself, she got self conscious and drank a billion vodka martinis. Then the good looking cop dumped her because she was a waste case and he thought she needed AA.

Good one, Miranda.

They ALL do stuff like that, though. Every time Carrie freaks out on adorable Aidan, Charlotte thinks precious Harry does something gross, or Samantha opens her legs – again – I want to reach through the TV and shake them all into oblivion. The daddy issues on this show are amazing.

Okay, time to reel this back in…

I have two questions for you guys:

1) What is the most infuriating thing you’ve seen one of the women on SATC do?

2) How can I break the cycle? I need to dump these women and gain control of my afternoons again.



3 thoughts on “I Need a Sex and the City Intervention

  1. Just TiVO E! and then you won’t get stuck watching SATC… or set a loud stereo to blast Warrants “Cherry Pie” @ 12:59:59 pm to cover up the noise of the SATC theme song… or put saran-wrap over the TV and start doodling on Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte with erasable marker till the saran-wrap is too dark to see the TV through and then you can go back to work so your husband can afford his new truck =p

  2. When Carrie didn’t go to the Parisian fans’ dinner in her honor to sit on a bench alone and ignored in a museum where she couldn’t smoke.

    • YES! That was SO infuriating! Yes, the Russian was being a child, but as soon as he let go of her hand she should have said “Okay, bye! See you later!”

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